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While it is true that in the vast majority of sectors of activity recruitment takes place via websites Known and recognized specialized Internet, the field of Sport still uses methods of archaic and outdated recruitment.

Through its revolutionary recruitment web platform, StadiumPrime offers the opportunity to all players in Sport and eSport, all over the world, amateurs and professionals, from join a sports structure adapted to their expectations. No matter your age, your situation geography, your financial means, your sporting potential or your media impact, StadiumPrime empowers you to achieve your goals!

StadiumPrime provides you with a modern and specialized means of recruitment, adapted to the sport you practice.

Through its recruitment web platform, StadiumPrime allows each athlete to propose their profile to the various sports structures that correspond to them. StadiumPrime also works for all members of a technical, medical or administrative staff of a club or of a sports association.

Regarding the various sports structures, StadiumPrime becomes a partner extraordinary for their recruitment. StadiumPrime gives you an unlimited window on all sports players in the world, according to their favorite sport. Thanks to StadiumPrime's expertise, you will never again miss a talent without seeing it!

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